The Founder

    The Manifesto of The La Donna Hall Collection

A Social Entrepreneur and Art Activist La Donna Hall is the new voice in the world of art and philanthropy. Her passion for creativity and social economic development is the innovative force that drives The La Donna Hall Collection in to a world class platform for giving.

" Life is about creating a cycle of giving; if you help others; others can help another; and in return someone will help you."

Art is Life...

La Donna completed her Bachelors of Arts in Communication, and later went abroad to study Art and Culture at the University of Sophie in Nice, France.

During her time in France, she admired the works of artist Henri Matisse. La Donna was inspired by Matisse use of color and his fluid movements. "Matisse work was the first time I seen art the was free and less traditional, which is what gave me the courage to pursue my passion as an artist."

After leaving France and returning to the South Side of Chicago, La Donna recognized the lack of art engagement in urban and underserved neighborhoods.

"My mission was to ensure that everyone, regardless of their economic status, become engaged in the art through buying or creating."

Life is about giving back...

Determined to pursue her dreams while empowering others and communities, La Donna obtained a Master of Arts in Community Counseling. She spent most of her career developing and implementing quality programing in the non-for-profit sector that catered to underserved communities.

La Donna's aspiration to teach communities the importance of embracing art and creativity is what lead to the launching two social enterprises The La Donna Hall Collection and The H.O.O.D Foundation (Helping Others Overcome Difficulties). Though social entrepreneurship, she plans to merge her passion for art and philanthropy into a platform of compassion and generosity. 

"I believe that acts of compassion and generosity are the keys to abundance."